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November 29, 2022

Sell Your Home Faster with Our Staging Tips and Tricks!


The process of selling a home is both uncertain and overwhelming. Upon contacting real estate agents, they will recommend you stage your home first to proceed. Home staging is the process of conditioning a property for sale in the real estate marketplace by showcasing a home's best assets to impress buyers and sell for the highest possible bid.

Not all homeowners stage their homes when they enlist them for sale, especially those homes that fall in lower price ranges. Staging your home to sell can give your place an edge over the other active listings, as first impressions are always crucial. It helps buyers visualize themselves in a home. Result: a quick deal and for more money. Home staging will be worth every money you invest- that's a guarantee.

Our article will highlight the most impactful and critical home staging tips for agents and sellers. 



You want the buyers to explore the bones of your home, not the flesh or everything. A clean-decluttered home shows your affection towards the property and tells how well you took care of it. Focus on cleaning every nook and corner of the house, from floors to ceilings, especially countertops, built-in bookcases, and fireplace mantles, as these areas gather more clutter. 

Some experts also suggest removing personal items such as diplomas or family photos or putting away the things that are not of daily use, such as seasonal clothes, expired food, and toys that children no longer play with. A clean and cohesive does the trick.

Dedicate a Budget

Staging your home to sell requires an investment upfront, along with time and dedication. Lightning, floors, and painting are the areas that may go heavy on your pocket. If you are on a budget, then only do it some. Check which areas need your attention. Repair the nail pops, water leaks, or any other cracks before painting. 

Choose neutral-colored paints. Replace any stained carpets or refinish your hardwood. You can find many affordable lighting options to swap out lighting fixtures. Even minimal adjustments make homes more appealing.

Add a Fresh Feel to Your Home

It is one of the result-driven home staging ideas to add a refreshed and inviting vibe to your home. Remove the dull and dying plants, if any. If you have already laid out plants in your home, space them strategically to add a cohesive look. Also, remember to get rid of the nasty odor. 

Do you know what makes your home smell? Your pets' poopoo, damp bathroom, kids' spilled food, heaps of undone laundry, or even the garbage. Invest in scented candles or room fresheners to deodorize your home.

Define your Rooms

Every inch of your house has a purpose so the buyer can visualize how to use your home's square footage. You can try transforming your finished attic into an office or your finished basement into a game room. Reinvent window seats, breakfast nooks, corners, and alcoves.

Staging the Bedroom

Change your linen for a fresh feel. Add throw blankets and pillows for extra oomph, and remove unnecessary items. Moreover, focus on the organization of your wardrobe. Especially when working with a small space, you need to be creative and focus on keeping everything simple. You do not want to overdo the decoration; keep it elegant. 

Staging the Living Room

Update the lightning- if the old one is dull. Replace dark-colored curtains with neutral-toned ones. Let more and more natural light flow in your room by opening the curtains. Add warm touches through coffee table books, vases, throw pillows, and candles. 

You can also hang iconic art pieces if your budget allows you. You can also add props to add the contrast of color. Cover one wall with peel-and-stick mirrors to make your living twice its size. They add depth and brightness to the room.

Staging the Dining Room

Lighting is a prime component you must consider improving in every room. Again, install light-colored curtains, open blinds, and replace your old fixtures. You can add flower arrangements or house plants. 

Staging the Kitchen

The kitchen is called the heart of any house, where a family spends much time getting together and enjoying food. This busy room of your home should be CLEAN. Remove bracket fans if installed because it only collects grease. Clean your refrigerator, counter, oven, and other appliances. Declutter, repaint, or update the cabinets. Mend the leaks and install new hardware, faucets, or knobs.

Staging the Bathroom: 

Yet another essential and most trafficked room of any home-the bathroom calls for staging as well. Fix any leaks. Replace your old showerhead and faucets. Put away the wastebasket. Install a new shower curtain. Clean your shower, tub, tiles, floor, and mirror thoroughly. Remember to keep the toilet seat down. 

Adjust the Furniture

Make sure that your rooms are not bulk-loaded with furniture. Overcrowded and wrong-sized furniture eats up the room space, leaving the room stiff and packed. Make sure that your furniture looks clean, vibrant, and inviting. 

Work on Your Burb Appeal

It is one of the crucial home staging tips. There is a lot to do to give your curb an extra appeal. Start by mowing your lawn, removing the dead leaves, and trimming the trees and bushes. Add flower plants or potted plants or flower boxes. Clean the gutter. 

If there are any cracks in the sidewalks, fix them. You can also hire experts to pressure wash the patio, the deck, the exterior of the house, and the pool area. Invest in repainting the exterior and adding sealant to the blacktop driveway. 

Update Your Flooring

No buyer will invest in a home with stained and dirty carpets or outdated linoleum. If your flooring seems problematic, invest in hardwood floors, as they appeal to almost everyone. If you are on a budget, your prime focus should be the living room, dining room, and kitchen, as these rooms occupy little floor area, so the upgrade will be manageable in your pocket. Go with ceramic tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. You can always look at a good deep cleaning as another option which is more affordable as well.

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